Fraternal Benefits

Because the RBO Cares

Since our inception in 1900, the RBO has consistently tried to promote the welfare of the family. Our families today have sprung from those brave immigrants who traveled from Eastern Europe to America in search of a better life, and began our fraternal benefit society to promote brotherhood and family security. The following benefits continue and strengthen our commitment to sharing, caring and enhancing the quality of life for all our members.

RBO College Book Buy Program

Will assist our members entering college by reimbursing 10% of your college book bill. To qualify, simply obtain a $5,000 or more 20PL during the student’s freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior year of college (Associate or Bachelor Degree). After that, you may be reimbursed each semester up to the amount you pay for your annual dues provided your dues are current.

Newborn Insurance

The newborn child of any member will automatically be covered, at no cost, from the third full day of life to the 90th day of life, for a death benefit of $1,000 ($2,000 when both parents are members). Also, the RBO will guarantee insurability for up to $5,000.

Children’s Cancer Benefit

We are all aware of the insidious nature of cancer and the physical and mental pain it can bring to the victim and his or her family. Because we feel that it is our fraternal duty to relieve the suffering of our fellow members in any way possible, we will give a grant of $500 to the family of any member child who is diagnosed with cancer from birth through their eighteenth year. Coverage is automatic for all members, and at no cost.

SS. Cyril & Methodius Scholarship Program

This award is given to students pursuing an undergraduate degree. A recipient of this award receives $400 each year automatically renewable for an additional 3 years.

Alexis Russin Scholarship Award

All Current SS. Cyril & Methodius Scholarship recipients who have completed 30 semester hours (45 Quarter hours) are eligible to apply for this award. This award of $600 is given in addition to the $400 Ss. Cyril & Methodius Scholarship Award (for a total scholarship of $1,000). This scholarship award is given on a competitive basis based on college GPA, a written essay and extracurricular activities.

Mihaly Russin Scholarship Award

Our newest scholarship awards $1,000/per year not to exceed 3 years to students continuing toward a degree after completing four years of satisfactory college education on a full time basis.

Legacy Scholarship

A member has the ability to name a $500. Annual scholarship with a contribution of $10,000 to the SS. Cyril & Methodius Scholarship Fund. This legacy scholarship may be donated in the name of a hierarch, a church, a favorite priest, a family, etc.

Nursing Home Waiver

If a member is in a Nursing Home on a permanent basis, RBO will waive any premium payments due on any one certificate in force.

Lodge Matching Grants

Funds raised for Lodges for fraternal activities will be matched on a dollar-for-dollar basis up to $500/yr.

Adoption Grant

One of our latest fraternal benefits is a $250 grant to any member who adopts a child from Eastern Europe. The grant is freely given, as all our fraternal benefits are, to any qualified member.

St. Tikhon’s Summer Camp

For those members who attend the St. Tikhon’s Summer Camp, RBO provides reimbursement. Beginning in 2007, this benefit will be extended to St. Vladimir’s Summer Camp (OH), and St. Andrew’s Summer Camp (NY). This benefit will be limited to 3 recipients per year from each camp. Recipients are to be chosen by the Camp Administration.

Balch Institute

A database of all passed members from the start of our organization is held in the Balch Institute. This allows our present and future generations to explore their ancestry.

Additional Benefits

The RBO is a fraternal benefit society. We work to provide our members with a better quality of life in many areas by providing free fraternal benefits, which are constantly growing. We offer scholarship, cultural support, free newborn insurance, aid to our churches and seminaries, and direct and financial outreach to such humanitarian concerns as International Orthodox Christian Charities, Habitat for Humanity, the American Red Cross, and many others. We support our own, but we also support those institutions that are important to our people. Join us now, and support our mission across the generations.

Information about these and other fraternal benefits can be obtained by contacting us.